Kadi Dutton, April 12, 2023

Spring into Action Weeks 5-8

Welcome to the second four week block of our Spring into Action Relationship Challenge! This month is all about creating together, strengthening your ability to work as a team, and building a joint identity together.

We hope you will walk out of this month with a deeper sense of partnership and a perspective shift that you aren’t just two individuals working side by side but you are one collective unit with shared dreams, struggles and triumphs!

The exercises are loosely scheduled so that you can complete one exercise per week when it works for you! We recommend completing the quick daily habits M-F and carving out some time on the weekend to complete the weekly exercise.

We’re providing four amazing date night activities for you that all center around intentionally working to pursue and discover more about your partner as well as opening yourself up to be more fully discovered!

Week 5 :  Do it Yourselves

GOAL:  To build on our relationship by creating something memorable together and strengthening your teamwork.

To Complete this Exercise...

Choose a meaningful project to do together (lots of suggestions here)(or here). As you work, use the prompts below to learn more about each other. Try to notice the way your partner works, handles challenges, and how you work together as a team.

Topics to Talk about as you DIY:

What’s your favorite part about making things yourself?
Do you feel like you are patient with creative projects?
What do you think your creative strengths are?
What do you think my creative strengths are?
Do you feel like we work together well?
What are things that stress you out or make it harder for you to feel successful and productive during projects?
What are things that really help you while you are working or creative?
Do you think we operate as a team when challenges or conflicts arise?
What are three ways we make each other better?

Week 6 :  Spa Day

GOAL:  To slow down from all the busy-ness of life and spend quality time resting together, to feel mutually refreshed and more intimately connected.

To Complete this Exercise...

Book yourselves a couples massage, float tank, facial, foot rub, or other pampering activity. You can also create an intimate time together by making your own spa day at home. You can check out this blog post "How To Plan  A Romantic Date Night"  for tips on how to create an amazing pampering experience for each other from the comfort of your own bedroom/bathroom.

If you want to make your spa date a little more playful, the dating divas have a fun, free printable spa date kit you can download today and use as a guide! Dating Divas Spa Date Night 

If you’re looking for something a little more moody and intimate, check out our hot stones and massage oil kit from our Clair de Lune box. We’ve made them available for purchase separately on our website especially for this activity! EveryLove Spa Kit

Take this pampering time to learn about what kinds of touches your spouse really enjoys, share anything on your heart or mind, and just grow deeper in love with each other. Enjoy the benefits of growing close through a positive relaxing experience, feeling mutually refreshed, and if you’re doing the DIY version of this, also enjoy the increased intimacy and opportunity to serve one another and create a very sensual romantic experience together.

Week 7 :  Discovery Date

GOAL:  To have fun learning about yourself, your partner, and how you interact when life throws you curveballs. To create new and unique memories only shared by the two of you.

To Complete this Exercise...

Try a new activity neither of you has ever done before! Use this checklist to help you choose something both of you has never experienced:

Take a class or watch a tutorial on something you’ve never done. (Examples: learn how to make pottery, shoot a gun, cook a fancy french dessert, dancing, fire building)

Go to a restaurant you’ve never been before, preferably with a cuisine you generally don’t eat and try something off the menu that is totally new for you.

Try yoga or other guided physical activity you’ve both never done.

Try using a new form of transportation for a date (take a light rail together, or ride your bikes somewhere close to your house).

See live music or go to an indie film! If this is something you do often, try to find a genre you’d never typically listen to or watch together.

Learn a few basic phrases in a new language together and use them around the house.

Rearrange a room in your home that’s been the same for a long time.

Shop at a completely new store you’ve never been to.

Go to a music store and try out an instrument you’ve never played.

Test drive an awesome car or find someone to teach you to drive stick shift if you both don’t know how.

Write a story, poem or song together.

Topics to discuss before the date:
Is there anything about this activity that makes you nervous?

What do you think our strengths and weaknesses will be?

What do you think your favorite part of this activity will be?

Topics to discuss after the date:

What was the most interesting part of this activity?

What do you think you learned from trying this?

How did we grow closer by experiencing something new together?

Was there anything you learned about yourself or me?

What were we especially good or bad at? Would you want to try this activity again? Why or why not? .

Week 8 :  Cooking up Connection

GOAL:  To find joy in creating together and create a romantic setting where you can let the sparks fly.

To Complete this Exercise...

Choose a recipe from below (or cook your own) and create a beautifully romantic meal together. Work together to prepare and set the scene, then enjoy a romantic dinner together. To make your dining room more romantic:

Purchase flowers as a centerpiece
Light candles
Use a special tablecloth
Break out the fancy plates, cutlery, napkins, etc.
Listen to a themed playlist (we have a few options on our spotify playlists, you can find them HERE) Dress up and get ready like you’re going somewhere fancy

Recipe Ideas 

As we move into our third month of this challenge, take note of which activities and exercises really made a difference in your relationship. These can be repeated regularly whenever you both feel the desire to create space for each other to listen and discover one another more deeply. <3

Next month will include a time where you meet with another trusted couple or marriage mentor, so you might want to start setting this up and locking in a date that works for everyone soon!