Kadi Dutton, May 12, 2023

Spring into Action Weeks 9-12

Welcome to the third and final four week block of our Spring into Action Relationship Challenge! This month is all about digging deeper into your relationship and facing challenges together. We hope you will walk out of this month with a deep intimate connection and a stronger foundation of trust and love.

The exercises are loosely scheduled so that you can complete one exercise per week when it works for you! We recommend completing the quick daily habits M-F and carving out some time on the weekend to complete the weekly exercise.

We’re providing four amazing date night activities for you that all center around intentionally working to pursue and discover more about your partner as well as opening yourself up to be more fully discovered!

Week 9 :  Interview Time

GOAL:  to find support in your community, be encouraged about common struggles, and learn from others that are on the same journey.

To Complete this Exercise...

Set up a time where you can sit down with a trusted couple friend that has been married awhile or a mentor/counselor and “interview” them. Use this time to learn from their experiences, ask questions you have about your own relationship, and feel mutually supported in your marriage journey.

Suggested Questions to Ask:

What are some things you’ve done right in your marriage?

What do you wish you had known or understood earlier in your marriage?

What has worked for you in handling conflict or disagreement between you?

Here is something we’re wrestling with. How have you addressed that in your relationship?

What have you learned about communication (or intimacy) that has been helpful?

Week 10 :  Couples Pursuit

GOAL:  to bring playfulness into your relationship and find areas where you can grow and connect.

Go download our free printable couples game, Couples Pursuit!