Hello! We're Alex & Kadi. We are hopeless romantics and parents to our adorable son, Walker.

We have been married three years, and we know that our relationship thrives when we invest in it! 🖤 Being intentional about consistently connecting with each other is one of our top priorities. We find ourselves feeling closest when we take the time and the energy to make each other feel loved and wanted.

We created EveryLove so that couples can spice up their love life, make that grand gesture, get out of a rut in their sex life, or just intentionally make time to grow in intimacy.

We want you to experience a night of irresistible connection- perhaps on a new level you never thought was possible. And we want to deliver everything you need to do just that right to your doorstep. 📦


Alex + Kadi

Founders of EveryLove

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