As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and pink, a sense of anticipation fills the air. Tonight is not just any night; it's a celebration of love, laughter, and the countless moments that have woven the rich tapestry of your lives together.

As you both prepare for an evening out, let the excitement of the first date, the warmth of countless shared sunsets, and the strength found in each other's embrace guide your steps. This is a night to honor the journey you've embarked upon, hand in hand, heart in heart.

Remember the dreams you whispered to each other in the quiet of the night, the challenges you faced with unwavering support, and the milestones that have marked the chapters of your love story. Each memory, a precious gem, contributes to the masterpiece that is your life together.

Embrace this evening as an opportunity not just to reminisce but to forge new memories, to laugh until your sides ache, and to look into each other's eyes with the same passion that sparked on the day you said "I do." Let the familiar comfort of your bond be the backdrop to an adventure that continues to unfold.

As you step out, hand in hand, into the embrace of the night, let the magic of the moment remind you of the beauty of growing together in love. Let every shared glance, every touch, and every smile deepen the connection that has flourished between you.

Tonight is a testament to the timeless journey of companionship, a celebration of the past, the joy of the present, and the bright promise of a future filled with love and shared dreams.

So, here's to creating more TIMELESS MEMORIES, where every moment spent together strengthens the bond you share. May tonight's date leave you with hearts brimming with love, minds inspired by each other's presence, and souls reinvigorated to continue this magnificent journey side by side.

Date Night Playlist

Sexy Scenarios

For Him

Each of you think of five things you love about them, put one on each heart. On the back of
each heart write something physical you’d like to do with your spouse as foreplay. Use the
twine to hang the hearts on your headboard or on the wall above the bed. Each night this
week, choose a heart at random or pick a compliment you like and complete the action on the

For Her

Select 5 of the 9 actions, do the ones that overlap
Try the rose vibrator while performing Stand and Deliver.
Try the rose vibrator while she lies down.
Use Swipe Remedy and deliver mind blowing oral on each other.
Use Swipe Remedy during X Marks the Spot and alternate between penetration and oral.
Feed each other RoseWater Cookies and write compliments on the Sweetheart cards.
Eat RoseWater cookies and complete the connecting questions.
Play Sweetheart Match Flirty + Fun while wearing EveryLove lingerie.
Play Sweetheart Match Sweet + Sentimental
Play Sweetheart Match Positions


Stand + Deliver
Look no further for an especially satisfying, G-spot stimulating out of body experience.
She turns away from him with her back is to his face. She bends at the waist until her head is
pointing to the ground. She rests her hands on a wall or piece of furniture for additional support
as he grasps her hips and enters from behind. This is a great position to incorporate The Rose
on her front.

Faux Yogi
Faux Yogi is perfect for the couple that’s ready to get bendy but might not have time to stretch
before their “dessert”. You’ll feel like a pro while still enjoying the comfort of classic positions
like missionary.

She lays on her back at the edge of the bed and sends her legs straight into the air. He stands
and holds the sides of her legs and pulls himself in deep. They can enjoy the view from above,
and you can lay back and enjoy all the sensations as you relax on the bed. BONUS: Prop a
pillow under her hips for an even sweeter angle- just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

X Marks the Spot
This one is great to try to spice up Missionary Position without fully leaving your comfort zone.
She lays on her back and he comes on top of her on an angle so they make an X if viewed from
above. She can grab his butt and pull as they thrust, and he can experiment by holding her arm
as he moves to gently change the angle and form more connection. Move back and forth
between this X position and standard missionary to play around with more physical contact, or
try this position with him lying down and her on top!

The Heart
Get ready for the most passionate, sensual, all encompassing hug you’ll ever share. You’ll be
fully immersed in your partner, with your entire upper body intimately connected. He sits on the
bed with his legs extended straight. She climbs on top and straddles his body. Her knees tuck
gently under his armpits qnd her feet rest on the bed on the sides of his hips. He supports her
back and butt with his hands and wraps his arms fully around her in an intimate, loving
embrace. Rock back and forth or sway side to side while you enjoy penetration or other
romantic touches.

Seated Wrap - Around
Settle into a comfortable sitting position on any surface you like. They both wrap their legs
around the other (we recommend her legs on top). This the perfect position to admire each
other, make out, offer back or chest massages, and really connect romantically. When ready, he
enters her and they rock their hips back and forth for better stimulation. BONUS: She leans
back and props up on her arms or a couple of pillows to experiment with different angles.


  • Clean your rose sucker before your first use, and after each use as well!
  • Ensure the rose is fully charged.
  • We recommend starting by having your partner warm you up! After exploring other areas of your body, they can stimulate your clitoris with their hands, mouth, or another toy to get blood flowing.
  • Test out the suction speed and power on another part of your body before going for it! Familiarize yourself with how to change settings as well!
  • Lube is your friend! A couple of drops placed on his hand and gently massaged on you will make your experience much more enjoyable!
  • Place your clitoris in the opening of the rose and turn it on a low setting. If the rose is loud and doesn't sound sealed, adjust your positing. The device should sound muffled and have a good suction to you.
  • Hold the rose still during use.
  • Breathe through your orgasm! Enjoy this experience with your partner and grow closer to one another!


  • What is your favorite way to express love, and how can we incorporate more of that into our daily lives, not just Valentine's Day?
  • What are the most meaningful gifts we've given each other, not just material, and how do they reflect our love?
  • What are some of your happiest memories of us celebrating Valentine's Day or other special occasions? What made them so special?
  • What new traditions or activities can we start together that would add more joy and connection to our relationship?
  • What are some small, everyday actions we can take to keep the spirit of Valentine's Day alive all year round?
  • What does the ideal day spent together look like for you, and how can we make that happen soon?

Item List

Naked Silk Lube

Vintage Condom Tin

Irresistible Perfume


Vintage Postcards

EveryLove Newspaper

Cinnamon Drops Hard Candy

Beyond the Box

Go beyond your intimate date night this month by utilizing the Weekly Marriage Check-In.

It will help you and your partner align your priorities and avoid potential roadblocks throughout your week. We recommend having a weekly meeting to fill out your sheet together!

Weekly Marriage Check In