Sexy Scenarios

Scenario 1 - Reminisce

Begin with your box of cookies and the Cheers to Us cards. Spend as much time going through the questions and making toasts to your marriage as you like. (You can just “cheers” with your cookies, or if you have something bubbly at home you can use your BONUS item (lavender cocktail cubes) to make a romantic drink.

Husbands, when you get to a card that sparks a sweet sentimental conversation, use this time to give the infinity necklace to your wife and remind her that your love for her is not fleeting but it’s a life long choice that you continually commit to.

When ready, she can slip into the garter and chemise, reminiscent of your wedding day. Share your favorite memories from your wedding day and honeymoon or time as newlyweds, and relive/reenact your favorite intimate moments from that season of life. End the night with a tender massage using Bliss body oil.

*Use an oral strip at any point during this experience. These can be used for him or for her, and if preferred, the flavor and mouthwatering effect can simply be used to enhance deep sensual kissing rather than oral sex.*

Scenario 2 - Reflect

They start with a gentle massage using Bliss body oil as they go through a few of the cards in the deck and select the ones they want to toast to.

He gives her the infinity necklace to wear and they each share the moment they knew they wanted to spend forever together. She slips into the chemise and garter while he opens the cookies, and if available, prepares drinks by adding the cocktail cubes to something fizzy (we recommend club soda). Together they enjoy making toasts to their relationship using the cards they chose.

They reflect together to think of a position or other physical part of their relationship that used to be challenging that they feel they have really mastered and now really enjoy - then do it!

This could be the perfect night to use the oral sex strips, or you might save them for later!

Scenario 3 - Celebrate

She wears the chemise and garter. They use the Celebrate cards to prompt great conversation as they massage each other using Bliss body oil. Let this lead into their current favorite positions and intimate activities, incorporating the oral sex strips by using suggestions in the Slow Sex category in this guide. Then enjoy the cookies (and cocktail cubes with club soda if desired) and toast to their relationship (use a card as a prompt if you get stuck making your own toast). She wears the necklace throughout the next week and any other time as a celebration of their love and reminder of this special night they shared.

Scenario 4 - Anticipate

He gives her the necklace at the beginning of the week. Each day, they take turns writing down one thing they’d like to try using the box items and tuck the note into the necklace case. (For inspiration they can refer to the other three scenarios or scenarios from other boxes too!) 

She wears the necklace when she wants to signal that tonight is the night!! 😉

When the time comes, they open the necklace case and select one or more of the ideas they’ve written down to do that night. (This could be random or intentionally chosen just depending on the needs of the night.)

They save the necklace case and keep adding ideas! They can use this anytime they want things to feel a little more spontaneous (and intentional at the same time).

Oral Sex Strip Tips

All the Best Ways to Use Oral Sex Strips:

1. Cunnilingus: Fresh and minty in his mouth, adds extra moisture and a tingling sensation for both him and her. Keep pleasure fresh.

2. Fellatio: If this is the first time, we recommend trying gentle kisses on the shaft first and waiting until most of the strip is dissolved before moving to the head. This builds anticipation and also gives time for the minty and tingling effects to minimize. (But if you’ve used them before and it’s working for you, just go for it 😜)

3. Old Fashioned Make-Out Session: Use this as the perfect *sexy* breath mint/strip. The added tingling sensation and mouthwatering goodness will help you explore each other in new ways and enjoy fresh sensations together.

No matter what you try, it’s important to talk about your ideas ahead of time and make sure you are on the same page. Be honest with each other about what sounds good, what’s working and what’s not, and have fun! Share your favorite sensations afterward so you can add them to your repertoire and create even more meaningful moments together. 

Item List

EveryLove Matching Lingerie

White Garter

Cheers to Us Card Deck

Bliss Body Oil

Infinity Necklace

Oral Sex Strips

Vanilla Crisp Cookies

Bonus Item:

Cocktail Cubes

Intentional Intimacy Prompts 

We designed this box to cheer you on and help you celebrate your milestones and how far you have come as a couple. We hope this experience brings you closer together and that you can enjoy it’s contents (and each other) again and again!

Beyond the Box

Go beyond your intimate date night this month by utilizing the Weekly Marriage Check-In.

It will help you and your partner align your priorities and avoid potential roadblocks throughout your week. We recommend having a weekly meeting to fill out your sheet together!

Weekly Marriage Check In

Utilize our Anniversary Planner to organize your next anniversary or special occasion.

Planning is essential for creating memorable experiences and showing your partner how much you care.

By taking the time to plan, you demonstrate thoughtfulness and effort, which can strengthen your bond and add excitement to your relationship.

We encourage you to take this worksheet on a date night or set aside some intentional time to fill it out together, ensuring both partners' preferences and ideas are included.

If preferred, one partner can use this sheet to surprise the other with a completely planned-out special date, adding an element of delightful surprise and anticipation to your celebration.

Planning together or surprising your partner shows how much you value your relationship and the special moments you share.

Anniversary Planner