Sexy Sweetheart Love Match Game Instructions

The rules for playing this game are super simple! Like a classic game of Memory, your goal is to find matching pairs of cards.

STEP 1: Lay out your grid of playing cards at random facedown on the surface of your choosing (we recommend somewhere in your bedroom). Note that you should have 16 total cards which easily makes a 4 X 4 grid. 

STEP 2: Take turns flipping one card over, followed by a second with the goal being to make a match. Once a match has been made, you and your sweetheart can complete the prompt! Note that each prompt has a corresponding item in the box. Have fun with the item and prompt suggestions together! 

STEP 3: Brace yourself. Some of these Love Match game cards are super spicy — which is just how we like it! If you didn’t get a match, flip the cards back over and it’s now your sweetie’s turn to try. And, if you don’t quite make it through the whole game before sparks start flying, no worries! (…wink, wink!)

Item List

White Chemise or Bodysuit

Sexy Sweetheart Vibrator Set

Naked Silk Hybrid Lube

Sexy Sweetheart Unscented Body Oil

White Garter

Strongwater Club Soda for 2

French Lavender Cocktail Cubes

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