Welcome to Pillow Talk, where we invite you to discover the ultimate date night experience that blends comfort and pleasure, all through the simple yet versatile use of a pillow. You will explore the art of cozy connection and the joy of shared moments, all within the comforting embrace of your favorite cushion. Get ready to unlock a world of enjoyment like never before, as you dive into the delightful world of Pillow Talk.

Date Night Playlist

Sexy Scenarios

Pampered Pillow

She dons the midnight gown and turns on Pillow Talk playlist while he makes the bed with the new silky pillow case. He sprays the linens with Spiced Autumn linen spray. Together they look through the Questions from the back of the booklet. While they discuss two or three of the topics, they trade hand massages using Sweet Fig body lotion. They then look through the positions and select one they both would really like to try. They end the night by sharing what they loved about this new position and enjoying a delicious gingersnap cookie.

Suggested positions for this scenario:

Heightened Missionary, Secure Spoon, The Lounge Chair, and Electric Bull

Let Your Bodies Do the Talkin’

Select a suggested position in advance and possibly even simulate how this position will work by practicing fully clothed earlier in the day so you both know what to expect.

They first choose a connecting question and enjoy their ginger snap cookies while they talk.

She then slips into the midnight gown and turns on the Pillow Talk playlist. He makes the bed using their new silky pillowcase and sprays the linens with Spiced Autumn linen spray. They spend a song or two helping each other stretch and undress. He removes and article of clothing every time they try a new stretch. They take turns rubbing lotion on each other and giving a gentle muscle massage as they go. Use the massage and stretching to gently bring each other closer and into position, then enjoy the magic of of pillow talk sensations. 

Suggested Positions: Edge of Glory, Down Doggie, The WheelBarrow, Deep Diver

(These positions might be slightly more difficult or require some stretching or practice. Scenario 2 helps prepare for this.)

Magic Mouth

She wears the midnight gown and he undresses (or just boxers/briefs). Together they make the bed using their new silky pillow case and spray the linens with Spiced Autumn linen spray. 

They turn on the Pillow Talk Playlist and give each other a sensual foot rub while they answer a connecting question. They play footsies while they make out. They continue kissing but move down to their spouse’s neck and shoulders, then chest, then abdomen, taking their time. They gradually move into a suggested position and enjoy.

They end the night with more footsies, conversation, and ginger snap cookies.

Suggested positions for this scenario: Lifted Oral, Easy 69

Item List

Black Nightgown

"Pillow Talk" 8 sex positions using a pillow

Linen Spray

Sugared Fig Lotion

Satin Pillowcase

Ginger Snap Cookies

*Mystery Bonus Item In Select Boxes*