Welcome to your very own Sensual Soirée. It’s time to slow things down and dive deep into your spouse- intellectually and physically. The following is a guide to making every moment last and letting love linger longer.

Date Night Playlist

Sexy Scenarios

Intellectual Stimulation

We talk so much about connecting emotionally and physically with our spouse, but it’s rare that we prioritize growing with our spouse on an intellectual level. Here are some topics to explore together that will help you dive deep into how the other thinks and views the world as well as challenge you to grow your connection with your minds.

    1.    What did you like the most and the least about where you grew up??
    2.    What’s your earliest memory?
    3.    Who was your childhood hero and why?
    4.    Do you believe dreams have any significance? Have you had any dreams that impacted your life?
    5.    How have you changed from when you were in high school?
    6.    What’s something in your daily life that brings you joy?
    7.    What three nonphysical characteristics of mine made you fall in love with me?
    8.    What’s one thing in our relationship that used to bother you, but you’ve now learned to accept?
    9.    What is something you did to impress me in the early days of our relationship?
    10.    What’s a word or phrase I use or a small quirk I have that you find endearing?
    11.    If you could save only one possession in a fire what would it be?
    12.    What do you feel is missing in your life?
    13.    If our relationship were a fortune cookie what would it say?
    14.    What has surprised you the most about love?
    15.    How have your goals changed in life?
    16.    Do you believe it’s necessary to experience pain?
    17.    How do you compare yourself to your parents?
    18.    If you could take a pill to be immortal would you?
    19.    What is stronger, love or hate?
    20.    Is it easier to love or be loved?
    21.    Can you have passion AND stability simultaneously in a relationship?
    22.    What’s something you’ve learned by being around the person you like least?
    23.    Which one of these objects reminds you most of me: An umbrella, light bulb, loaf of bread, or paint brush.
    24.    Which color best describes our intimate relationship?
    25.    What animal do I most resemble?
    26.    How do you picture me 15 years from now?
    27.    Has your outlook changed regarding our relationship?
    28.    What did you do to make it through the darkest time in your life?
    29.    What’s more important, nature or nurture?
    30.    What is the significance of a kiss? What do different kinds of kisses communicate?

https://www.mysweethomelife.com/deep-questions-to-ask-your-partner/ (https://www.mysweethomelife.com/deep-questions-to-ask-your-partner/)

Fine Dining

They dress up as if for a formal dinner. He wears a tie, she wears her navy EveryLove lingerie underneath her dress. They dim the lights and queue the Sensual Soirée playlist at their dinner table. He uses Cologne 5:25. They enjoy stimulating intellectual discussion (use our guide to turn on your lover’s mind) and the candied peanuts. They use question thirty to explore different kinds of kissing. At some point, they use the mouthwatering spray to experience deep kissing on a new level. They gradually undress as needed and try using different furniture in the room to change how kissing and deeper levels of intimacy feel - she presses him slowly and passionately against the wall, he lifts her onto the table and climbs on top, she straddles him on the dining room chair, they lay together on the rug beneath the table, etc. Experiment with what feels good and what provides an extra element of excitement to the process. Take note of how you depend on each other or what new traits you notice about your spouse by trying these different positions or using different dining room furniture. At any point in the night where it feels right, try using the intimate rings (follow guide if needed) to extend the experience and learn even more about exactly what makes your partner quiver with pleasure.

Put a Ring on It

They go out on a fancy date. He wears Cologne 5:25 and she wears her navy lingerie underneath her dress. They order drinks and at least two courses so they have plenty of time to pursue each other intellectually at dinner. They discuss any questions that they wish from our Guide to turn on your lovers mind. They take the long way home as they listen to the Sensual Soirée playlist and enjoy the candied nuts. They review the Guide to intimate rings and talk about how they would like to use them when they get home. They dim the lights in the bedroom, help each other undress, and sweetly and passionately pleasure one another. When he is physically ready, he applies the rings where comfortable and they move to the bed to make love. He adjusts as needed, and they try one or more of their favorite positions with the added element of the intimate rings. They check in with each other to be sure they are both fully satisfied, and they spend some time together afterwards reflecting on this new experience together and holding each other closely.

Now Put Your Hands Up (They Won’t Be Needed)

They apply Cologne 5:25 and put on the Sensual Soirée playlist. They wear robes over their boxers/lingerie to begin with gentle shoulder massages as they dive deep into each other’s minds using our Guide to Turn on Your Lover’s Mind. She de-robes and performs his favorite fore play acts. When the time is right, she gently applies the intimate rings for him and uses the mouthwatering spray. She pleasures him with her mouth as deeply as is comfortable and desirable for her, and they both check in with each other to share how the rings enhance or change the experience. What sensations are more powerful? Which touches feel more faint? Where can she apply pressure where she normally doesn’t? Can she kiss more passionately as the rings dampen sensitivity? They use the wipes for smooth and sophisticated clean up. After relaxing together, he uses the mouthwatering spray and pleasures her as well. He asks and looks for ways to make her pleasure last longer, too. They enjoy each other’s company and the candied peanuts and discuss what felt new, different, good, etc in this new experience.

Item List

Navy Blue 2 piece

Set of 3 delayed ejaculation rings

Adjustable ring

5:25 Cologne

2 Royal Wipes


Mouthwatering spray

  • What they do.

    This ring will slow down the flow of blood to increase hardness and longevity. It may cause slightly decreased sensation; this is intentional to increase your intimate time prior to climax.

    The three individual rings are different sizes so you can use what works best for you.

  • To use the individual rings:

    Start by putting one ring around the base of the shaft before fully erect (this should be a snug fit when erect but not painful). You can try using just one ring in this location.

    If you’re ready to try something different, try sizing up and tucking your scrotum into the rings along with the shaft. This will decrease sensation even more and …

    You can also add a second ring to the top of the shaft directly below the head. This should also be a snug but not painful fit.

  • Try it out

    The adjustable ring serves the same purpose as the other rings but may be more accessible to beginners and more flexible throughout the experience as it the fit can be adjusted throughout as desired.

    You can use these rings during foreplay and all different types of sex including intercourse, just be careful to ensure a snug fit so the ring stays secure the entire time.