As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and pink, a sense of anticipation fills the air. Tonight is not just any night; it's a celebration of love, laughter, and the countless moments that have woven the rich tapestry of your lives together.
As you both prepare for an evening in, let the excitement of the first date, the warmth of countless shared sunsets, and the strength found in each other's embrace guide your steps. This is a night to honor the journey you've embarked upon, hand in hand, heart in heart.
Remember the dreams you whispered to each other in the quiet of the night, the challenges you faced with unwavering support, and the milestones that have marked the chapters of your love story. Each memory, a precious gem, contributes to the masterpiece that is your life together.
Embrace this evening as an opportunity not just to reminisce but to forge new memories, to laugh until your sides ache, and to look into each other's eyes with the same passion that sparked on the day you said "I do." Let the familiar comfort of your bond be the backdrop to an adventure that continues to unfold.
As you step out, hand in hand, into the embrace of the night, let the magic of the moment remind you of the beauty of growing together in love. Let every shared glance, every touch, and every smile deepen the connection that has flourished between you.
Tonight is a testament to the timeless journey of companionship, a celebration of the past, the joy of the present, and the bright promise of a future filled with love and shared dreams.
So, here's to creating more TIMELESS MEMORIES, where every moment spent together strengthens the bond you share. May tonight's date leave you with hearts brimming with love, minds inspired by each other's presence, and souls reinvigorated to continue this magnificent journey side by side.

Sexy Scenarios

For Him

Whispers of Love:
Going beyond the items in the box, continue to nurture the anticipation and excitement throughout the day. Small gestures, like a loving touch or a knowing glance, can speak volumes. Consider arranging a surprise for her—a flower, her favorite treat, or a note hidden in her purse—to discover during the day.

Setting the Mood in the Home:
Before your evening together, make the bed and ensure the room is tidy. Perhaps even check an item off of her to-do list by completing a task for her. This gesture will warm her heart and help her relax. She will feel seen and taken care of throughout the day, leading to a more meaningful night of connection.

Start the day by planting seeds of anticipation. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear during your morning routine, letting her know today is not just any day—it's a celebration of your love. Throughout the day, send her flirty texts or little notes around the house, building excitement for the intimate evening ahead.

Crafting Your Message of Love

A Postcard from the Heart:
Choose a quiet moment before your date night begins or as the first act of your evening together. Take a vintage postcard and pour your heart into it. Here are three heartfelt themes to guide your words:

  • A Memory from the Past: Recall a precious memory that shaped your relationship. It could be your first date, a spontaneous adventure, or a simple, quiet moment when you realized she was the one. Describe how that memory has stayed with you, growing more precious with time.
  • Gratitude for the Present: Express your deep appreciation for all she does, the beauty she brings into your life daily, and how she enriches every moment you spend together. Acknowledge the strength, love, and joy she brings to your present life.
  • Excitement for the Future: Share your dreams and excitement for what lies ahead. Whether it’s adventures you plan to embark on, goals you aspire to achieve together, or the simple pleasures of growing old side by side, let her know how much you look forward to every moment with her.

Keep this postcard safe; there will be a perfect moment during your date to exchange these tokens of love.

Preparing for Intimacy

Anticipation and Accessibility:
If you both wish to express your love physically, prepare by placing the royal condoms and the gentleman's handkerchief within easy reach. This ensures that when the moment feels right, you’re ready to embrace it fully, without interruption.

For Her

Continuous Whispers of Affection:
Let the day be filled with small acts of love that speak volumes. A gentle caress, a playful wink, or a tender note tucked away in his wallet—all gestures that serve as reminders of the night’s significance.

A Flirtatious Countdown:
Keep the flame of anticipation alive with teasing reminders. Playful texts that count down the hours, or notes left in surprising places, can transform an ordinary day into the prologue of your romantic evening.

Prelude to Romance: Setting the Stage

Sow the Seeds of Anticipation:
Begin the day by infusing it with whispers of anticipation. A soft murmur of affectionate words in his ear in the morning serves as a gentle reminder that today is not just another day; it's a celebration of the love you share. Throughout the day, elevate his excitement with flirty texts or notes hidden in places he'll find them, each message a breadcrumb leading to the evening's intimate escapade.

Crafting a Love Letter for the Ages

A Postcard of the Heart:
Select a serene moment before your night unfolds or as its inaugural act to inscribe your feelings on a vintage postcard. Here are three avenues your pen might travel:

  • Echoes of the Past: Recall a memory that stands as a testament to your bond. Perhaps the laughter-filled misadventures, a challenging moment overcome together, or the silent, comforting embrace that said everything without words. Let him know how those memories have been the bedrock of your love.
  • Appreciation for the Now: Pen a heartfelt message expressing your gratitude for his presence in your life. Celebrate his virtues, the everyday moments of joy he brings, and the unspoken strength of your current bond. It's about acknowledging and cherishing the love that illuminates your daily life.
  • Dreams for Tomorrow: Share your aspirations and excitement for the future you envisage together. Whether it's dreams of distant travels, shared goals, or the simple, profound beauty of growing old side by side, convey your eagerness for every shared tomorrow.

Safeguard this postcard for a special moment during your date to gift him your heart's words.

Intimate Preparations

A Surprise Reveal:
Before he catches a glimpse, set aside your vintage nightgown. Later, retreat for a few moments to adorn yourself in it, paired with the Irresistible perfume. This act of preparation is not just about dressing up but about enveloping yourself in the essence of your shared history, the love that you celebrate today, and the promises of tomorrow.

(Past)Rediscovering the Spark

Tonight is about stepping back in time together, to rekindle the spark and warmth of those unforgettable moments that defined the fiery passion of your early relationship. Let's begin this journey with intention, reflection, and a deep dive into the memories that brought you to this point.

Setting the Stage:
Begin your evening ensconced in the privacy of your shared space, away from the distractions of the outside world. Create an ambiance that mirrors the warmth and intimacy of those early days, perhaps with dim lighting or a playlist of songs that hold special significance to your relationship.

A Token for the Bronze Locket:
Before the night unfolds into its more passionate activities, take a moment together to decide on a meaningful token to place inside the bronze locket. This could be a word that captures the essence of your relationship, a small photo that brings back a flood of memories, or a quote that has always resonated with your journey together. This token will serve as a tangible reminder of the love and passion that have been the cornerstone of your relationship.

Diving into Memories with Postcards:
Each of you will have prepared a vintage postcard, inscribed with messages that draw from the depths of your shared past. One might recount a particularly steamy encounter that left an indelible mark on your relationship, while the other might reflect on a moment of profound intimacy and connection. Exchange these postcards, reading them aloud to each other. Let the words transport you back to those moments, feeling the heat and intensity as if it were happening all over again.

Rekindling the Flame:
Now, deeply connected and immersed in the memories of your past, it’s time to physically reconnect. Using the royal condoms and naked silk lube, recreate one of those unforgettable nights. Whether it’s revisiting a favorite position that always drove you wild or attempting to recreate one of your steamiest encounters, let go of inhibitions and allow the passion to take over. This act is not just about pleasure; it’s a profound reconnection to the times when your intimacy was at its peak.

Ending on a Sweet Note:
After basking in the afterglow of your rekindled passion, end the night by sharing the Cinnamon hard candies. Each sweet and spicy candy can serve as a metaphor for the different phases of your relationship—the sweetness of your love and the spice that keeps it exciting. As you savor them, reflect on how far you’ve come and how these flavors of experiences have enriched your journey together.

A Night of Reflection and Reconnection:
This date night serves as a bridge between the past and the present, reminding you both of the fiery passion that has always been a defining element of your relationship. By revisiting these memories and reenacting those moments of intense connection, you’re not just reminiscing—you’re weaving those powerful emotions and desires into the fabric of your ongoing journey together.

(Present) Celebrating the Now

Tonight's theme is about embracing the present, the current chapter in your love story that’s being written with every breath, touch, and shared moment. It’s a celebration of who you are together right now, the growth you’ve experienced, and the depth of connection you enjoy today. Let's dive into a night filled with discovery, playful intimacy, and a reaffirmation of your love.

Creating a Symbol of Today:
Begin your evening with a reflective conversation about what symbolizes your relationship as it stands today. This could be a word that describes your current phase, a small item that represents a recent milestone or achievement, or even a piece of a condom wrapper from tonight, symbolizing both protection and your ongoing sexual exploration. Whatever you choose, place this meaningful token in the bronze locket as a keepsake of your love’s current state.

A Playful Start with Cinnamon Candies:
Kick off the evening's festivities with a playful make-out game involving the Cinnamon hard candies. The rules are simple: take turns placing a candy in your mouth and engaging in a heated make-out session. The goal is to melt the candy, but the real fun comes from the spicy sweetness that these moments bring. It’s a playful, sensual way to heat things up and enjoy each other’s taste in a new way.

Exploring New Dimensions of Intimacy:
In the spirit of the present and exploring new territories in your relationship, introduce the royal condoms and naked silk lube into your intimacy in a novel way. Perhaps consider a handjob in a position you've never tried before—be it standing, in the shower, or an adventurous spot in your home. The lube will enhance the sensation, making the experience both new and deeply exciting. This activity isn’t just about pleasure; it’s a journey into uncharted waters, discovering new desires and ways to satisfy each other.

A Moment for the Bronze Locket:
After this intimate exploration, circle back to the bronze locket. This moment is an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve placed inside it earlier and what it represents in the context of tonight’s discoveries and pleasures. It’s a physical reminder of your love’s evolving nature and the continuous growth you experience together.

Concluding with Sweetness and Spice:
As the evening winds down, return to the Cinnamon hard candies. This time, let them serve as a metaphor for the sweet and spicy moments you’ve just shared and those that pepper your daily life. Each candy, with its blend of sweetness and heat, is like the moments you cherish—the comfortable and the thrilling, the routine and the unexpected—all of which make your relationship uniquely rich and fulfilling.

A Night to Remember:
This date night is a celebration of the present, an acknowledgment of the love, passion, and companionship that fills your days. It’s about cherishing the now, with an eye for adventure and a heart full of love, always ready to explore what makes you both feel alive. Through playful games, intimate exploration, and meaningful symbols, you’re not just passing time; you’re deepening the bond that ties your hearts together in the endless dance of love.

(Future) Envisioning Tomorrow Together

Choosing New Horizons of Intimacy:

In the spirit of looking forward, give the woman the opportunity to choose a new dimension of your intimate life to explore. This could be her favorite position, one you've never tried together, or perhaps she wishes to be pleasured by the man's hand in a way that focuses solely on her desires and sensations. This is not just about enhancing pleasure but about stepping into uncharted territories of intimacy with openness and trust.

ReFilling the Bronze Locket:

After exploring these new intimate avenues, return to the bronze locket. Discuss how the experience reflected your hopes for the future and what it symbolizes about the path you're embarking on together. The item you placed inside earlier now carries even deeper meaning, embodying not just your dreams but the steps you're taking to realize them.

A Promise for Tomorrow:

End your night by sharing your hopes and dreams for the future, perhaps over the remaining Cinnamon hard candies, letting their sweet and spicy flavors remind you of the diverse experiences that await you. Take a moment to each share one sweet and one spicy experience you would like to share together in the near future. Set a date for your next encounter together,

Sealing the Night with a Vision for the Future:

This date night transcends the present, serving as a bridge to the future you aspire to build together. It’s a celebration of potential and possibility, grounded in the love and desire that bind you. Through meaningful symbols, exploratory intimacy, and shared dreams, you lay the foundation for a future where your relationship continues to grow, evolve, and thrive in the warmth of unwavering love and mutual adoration.

Timeless Memories Item List

Naked Silk Lube- The first personal lubricant was introduced as prescription only in 1917. We are grateful for how much progress has been made in both quality and variety in the last 100 years! 

Condoms and Vintage Tin- With the introduction of latex, condoms in the early 1900s became much safer, sleeker, and more comfortable. The potential for pleasure skyrocketed! Sex products were kept very discretely, and this repurposed mint tin would be, and still is, the perfect place to store protection.

Irresistible Perfume - Our limited edition vintage perfume is inspired by the original scent notes of the 1921 Chanel No.5, carefully crafted to make your presence irresistible.

Locket - This token of love was often carried by soldiers with a  photograph of their lover tucked carefully inside. It was a means of feeling connected though they had no communication and were miles apart. Their mutual sacrifice still reflected their love for one another, and we are incredibly grateful for both the roles they played during war time. Now, we use this locker as a symbol of our deep love and connection, and a reminder to never take for granted our ability to hold our loved one in our arms.

Vintage Postcards- Depicting memorable places and monuments that were popular in the early 1900s. Postcards were a popular way to share experiences with loved ones and remind them that they were on your mind while you were away.

Handkerchief- They’ve been around as far back as we can trace. Hankies were primarily used for personal hygiene, and also became a fashionable accessory for gentleman. He would often offer his handkerchief when a woman needed to tidy up or was crying, so they can be seen as a symbol of caring for someone else. They can be used as a pocket square, or also kept for cleanliness in the bedroom.

EveryLove Newspaper- Newspapers were one of the most important ways to keep up with what was happening in the world. This newspaper offers updates from EveryLove as well as valuable activities to complete together, and chances to win a free EveryLove Box!

Cinnamon Drops Hard Candy- Hard candy was one of the most popular kinds in the early 20th century due to its ability to maintain quality flavor over long distances and time without refrigeration. We have both playful and meaningful ways to enjoy this iconic vintage candy together in our Sexy Scenarios.

Beyond the Box

Go beyond your intimate date night this month by utilizing the Weekly Marriage Check-In.

It will help you and your partner align your priorities and avoid potential roadblocks throughout your week. We recommend having a weekly meeting to fill out your sheet together!

Weekly Marriage Check In

Collapsible content

Connecting Questions


  1. What was the moment you realized I was someone special to you?
  2. Is there a memory of us that always makes you smile when you think about it? What is it?
  3. What were your first impressions of me, and how have they changed?
  4. What’s something you’ve learned about love from being with me?
  5. Which adventure that we’ve embarked on together is your favorite and why?
  6. Can you recall a time when you felt particularly vulnerable with me? How did that moment strengthen our relationship?
  7. What's a challenge we faced early in our relationship, and how did overcoming it change us?


  1. What is something I do that makes you feel loved and appreciated?
  2. What’s one thing you’re looking forward to doing together in the next year?
  3. How have we grown together in the last year?
  4. What is a habit or trait of mine that you’ve learned to love?
  5. How do we balance each other out in daily life?
  6. What’s something new you’ve discovered about me recently?
  7. Is there a song or movie that always reminds you of us? What is it and why?
  8. How do we keep our connection strong amidst the chaos of everyday life?


  1. Where do you see us in five years?
  2. What’s a dream or goal you have for our future together?
  3. What’s something we haven’t done together that you’d like to do?
  4. How do you think we can support each other’s individual growth in the future?
  5. What’s one thing we can do to keep our relationship exciting and engaging as we grow older?
  6. If we could create a perfect day in the future, what would it look like?
  7. How do you envision our lives in retirement?
  8. What’s a fear about the future you’d like to overcome with my support?
  9. What legacy do we want to leave as a couple?
  10. How can we make our dreams a priority as we plan for the future together?