Hey there! We're Alex and Kadi

Just an ordinary Christian married couple who didn’t want to settle for a mediocre sex life, or a mediocre marriage!

As newlyweds, we knew sex was supposed to be this beautiful thing that you shared with your spouse, but we just did not have any clue how to make it FABULOUS!

But we both valued our marriage commitment and knew how important figuring out our sex life was.

So we knew we had to make a change. We started seeking out the resources we needed to improve, learning things that should be common knowledge amongst married couples but just aren’t.

We wanted a way to:

Refresh our views on sex and intimacy

Make things new and exciting again

Help us explore new experiences together

Feel sexy and erotic and…

more connected than ever before

Basically give us the tools to get our relationship firing on all cylinders all the while holding true to our Christian values and staying faithful to each other and our convictions. 

This is where we hit a real road block. GUYS. The resource we wanted didn’t exist.

There was only one thing we could do:

We had to MAKE the ultimate intimate experience box ourselves. And EveryLove Intimates was born.

Since then, we have seen couple after couple transform their intimacy and trade their mediocre sex life for a thriving, passionate love connection without compromising their values.

And now, as an EveryLove Member, you’re a part of this amazing adventure too. 

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the monumental step you’ve taken by investing in your intimacy!

You understand that a thriving marriage (and FABULOUS, 11/10, mind blowing sex) requires intentionality and actively pursuing your partner… And we are incredibly proud of you for this commitment.

So come along on this journey with us toward greater intimacy with your spouse. We are only just getting started!

As you begin on your journey to amazing intimacy... we would love to explain how our membership works!

Date Night Box Subscription

Your membership includes bi-monthly (every two months) shipments of our groundbreaking date night boxes. Each box is thoughtfully curated to build on the previous one, helping you and your partner discover and develop new ways to grow your intimacy. Our approach emphasizes physical and sexual intimacy, providing you with exciting and engaging tools and activities to deepen your connection in these areas.

However, we also recognize that a truly fulfilling relationship requires more than just physical closeness. That's why our date night boxes also focus on nurturing emotional and spiritual intimacy and foster a sense of unity and teamwork within your relationship. We provide resources and activities designed to strengthen your emotional bond, encourage spiritual growth, and foster a sense of community within your relationship.

By addressing all these aspects of intimacy, we aim to help you and your partner create a well-rounded and deeply satisfying connection. We are committed to supporting you on this journey and are excited to see the positive impact these experiences will have on your relationship.

What's in the box?

- One Piece of Tasteful Lingerie
 - 4-6 Romantic Items Designed to Enhance Your Sex Life
- 3 Sexy Scenarios Guiding You on How to Use the Items in Each Box
- Themed Playlist to Enrich the Ambiance
- Fun, Connecting Exercises to Deepen Your Intimacy
- Access to Our FREE Marriage Community Where We Provide Free Trainings and a Community of Like-Minded Married Couples

Each box is expertly developed to help you and your partner connect on new and exciting levels. The boxes are themed to correspond with the time of year you receive them, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, summer, fall, and more. Each box is filled with items we consider absolutely essential for peak intimacy between couples in our membership.

We craft three sexy scenarios for most of our date nights, allowing you to use the box multiple times. To enhance the experience, we create themed playlists for each box, enabling you and your partner to set the perfect mood and explore each other in new ways. Additionally, we provide optional "beyond the box" resources, including helpful relationship activities, thought-provoking questions, and more.

These resources are designed to further enrich your connection and provide deeper insights into your relationship, offering you and your partner valuable tools to strengthen your bond. We aim to make every date night a unique and memorable experience that brings you closer together.

We include a variety of fun and exciting items that you may have never tried before. We fully understand that not every couple in our membership will love every single item. However, we strongly encourage you to at least give each item a try. Many of our members have told us that they initially hesitated to try some of the items we send, but they ended up loving them and integrating them into their sex lives. Your willingness to explore and experiment can lead to delightful discoveries and enrich your intimate connection in unexpected ways.

You're in control of your subscription.

We stand out from most subscription boxes by giving you full control to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. We understand that life can get busy, but we want to remind you that the more effort you put into your intimate life, the more it will flourish. Many of our members have been with us since the beginning of Everylove because they see their relationships continually improving.

You've joined a community!

We have cultivated a thriving community of couples who share the same beliefs and values as you, and we highly encourage you to get involved. Our Commit to Connect Facebook group is filled with married couples whose relationships are thriving because they made the intentional decision to pursue each other and make the best of their marriage. We also hold monthly marriage date nights where we cover a range of marital topics that can greatly influence and improve your relationship.

Without further ado, head on over to our Lover's Journey date night page to discover our three Sexy Scenarios for your first date night box!

Enjoy an amazing night of connection with your partner and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Lover's Journey

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